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The writer once dreamed that he could jump out of the intelligent operation interface in the movie with glasses on. His head wanted to open the calendar, view the schedule, browse the news and watch the scene of the movie. I believe everyone has fantasized. With the popularity of AR technology, I believe that we can see virtual entering everyone’s life in the near future, and AR will change the world in the near future.

On September 9, local time, Facebook cooperated with ray ban to release its first generation of smart glasses “Ray-Ban stories”. Glasses wearers provide new ways to take photos and videos, share adventure experiences, listen to music, or answer calls. Two 5-megapixel cameras are mounted on both sides of the mirror frame, which can be used for 30s video recording and picture shooting through the buttons above. At the same time, it can also be controlled through voice commands to liberate users’ hands. The ear position is equipped with an open speaker, which can answer incoming calls, listen to music and podcasts. It can store 30 videos and 500 pictures and can be edited and shared through supporting applications. For privacy protection, the LED light above the mirror frame will light up during shooting (a feeling of voyeurism). Users can also choose to turn off the intelligent function with one key. The product will be sold online and in designated retail stores in the United State